Wow! 9 months later and I'm ready to get back on the weight loss band wagon. I'm SO ready... but it's SO hard!!! Like I said, I've developed some pretty poor habits while pregnant, but I'm determined to break them one at a time. The first goal was to start adding more protein drinks back into my diet- and I am SO happy to report that this is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be... mainly because my protein shake aversion is GONE! HOORAY! No, I still don't think the shakes taste "good" necessarily, but I'm no longer gagging them down... a definite plus.

Breastfeeding requires that I take in even more calories than I was taking in during the last month of my pregnancy- and it hasn't been too hard to accomplish this goal since I'm starving all the time. I need to, however, find more variety in my snacks- it's very hard since I need something quick and easy... and I need something to keep at my bedside for those pesky middle of the night feedings ;-)

I don't have many exercise restrictions- I'm just supposed to listen to my body... and unfortunately my body isn't letting me do much. I walked Milo (the dog) yesterday and had a pretty brisk pace- I was crampy by the end of the walk and by the end of the day the cramps and pains were still there. Today is a little better, but not by much. I'm going to add in some arm and leg exercises that don't require so much cardio, as I'm thinking it was the faster movement and bouncing around that got to me.

SO, the big news... the weight gain/loss totals.
When I found out I was pregnant: 186
Lowest weight (from malnutrition/morning sickness/lack of water): 175 (I hardly count this since it was a result of not being able to eat properly or take in enough fluids)
The day I gave birth: 193
One week later: 183
My goal weight given to me by my doctor: 160
Personal goal weight: 150

Weight to lose: 23 lbs (doctor goal) & 33 lbs (Amanda goal)
My goal for reaching my goal: 6 months from Zac's birthday- September 7th