It's hard...

I'm not breastfeeding and I'm not pregnant... but I've still got those horrible horrible eating habits.  I'm truly struggling at this point to find my way back into "weight-loss" mode.  I was stuck at 163 forever.  Now that I'm not breastfeeding but still consuming the same amount of calories, I'm at 168.

This is a big struggle for me.  I felt really good about myself at 163, but now that I've gained a solid 5 pounds I feel really shitty about myself.  I know 5 pounds isn't that big of a deal- but what is a big deal is the fact that I can't seem to get a good grip on my eating habits.

I really thought I'd be at goal by now... and I totally could be with more self control.  I've got the whole gym routine down.  I love going to the gym.  Granted, I should do more weights... but I am really loving my cardio routines right now.  Eating habits are what screws me... and it sucks.

So I need to start holding myself more accountable... and maybe, just maybe, I'll start updating this blog more... but who knows.  I know this part of WLS would be interesting to read about when I was just starting out... to see what it's like years later, once the novelty of it wears thin.  Not that having WLS was a novelty... but the pouch worked amazingly well those first 6 months.

Anyway... let's hope I can get back into some healthy eating routine soon.  I would love to be at goal by summer.