I have been drinking these damned protein shakes as religiously as I can handle... and it's starting to get old. Real fast. I drink one in the morning when I first get to work, and then later in the afternoon I make another one while I'm at work... and of course as I'm making it, I get these stupid comments like, "Making margaritas?" (the drink is pink and needs to be shaken)

It's not really an option though... I really don't want my hair to fall out and I don't want to look funny and saggy once I lose all this weight.

Stupid f'ing protein.


Turtle_gurl said...

I love my protein shake, it is vanilla EAS powder, skim milk and hazelnut flavored instant coffee blended together. Do you like coffee?

Angie said...

you're doing a great job Amanda! Hang in there. *hugs*