We have a date...

December 3, 2007. The first day of the rest of my life... is that dramatic sounding enough? Hope so.

I'm really nervous about this blog... when I make it go public, I will essentially be announcing to the world (well, ok, my friends and family...) that I'm so fat that I am resorting to Gastric Bypass Surgery. I think that's my biggest problem with this surgery. For so long I've been in this peaceful state of denial about my weight... sure, I know I'm overweight. What was my first clue? Hmmm... not fitting on airplane seats properly, only being able to shop at Lane Bryant, the weird looks from people- do I need to go on?

Let me get this straight- this surgery is NOT the easy way out. I'll just put it out in the open for you all to read. I did not choose this surgery as a cop out, or a way to do it "quick." This surgery is a tool for me. It is just the beginning. I refuse to do this surgery and let it do all the work for me. I am going to continue my work with my personal trainer and I will continue to seek dietary guidance. My issues are with food, and I recognize this- this surgery cannot heal something psychological. If I let the surgery do all the work while I sit back and try to resort back to my old habits I will fail... this surgery will have been pointless, because over the years I will be back to where I am now. Plus, if I don't do what I'm told I'll get incredibly sick and lose my hair- definitely not the look I'm going for this season.

All I ask is that if you are reading this blog, you are supportive. I am not asking for you to understand what I'm going through. I just need for you to be here for me when I need you. I need for you to ask questions when you don't understand something. Ask me anything- I promise I will answer you.

Most of all, I ask that you KNOW that I have done my research... I am not going into this blindly.


damien said...

You know that I'm here for you and I support you 100%. I love you more than you'll ever know... not matter how big or small you are!

BethScherry said...

Speaking from experience, Amanda is right on target to be successful with her new endeavors! She knows the pitfalls and has a plan to avoid them or at least how to tread lightly when near them.
There is nothing trite about saying that Dec. 3 is the beginning of the rest of your life. As you go along this journey, you will come to realize just how true that statement is for you.

Take lots of pictures prior:
the bathing suit... OMG!
dressed in work attire
dressed at your hang out clothes
playing with Deacon
((Oh wait... I am telling THiS to Amanda! ha ha... Queen of Photos))

Parker was 2 when I had my surgery. He has never known me as morbidly obese. His reaction to seeing me at my heaviest could have won me a million dollars on Funniest Home Videos. I can only imagine how he was processing the picture in his head. In the end, he had a nervous giggle and couldn't take his eyes off of the picture.

I know you will make the best of this opportunity!

NEW MOTTO: Work it Girl!

Love you!
Beth Ann

Angie said...

Congratulations on making such a big decision! I have nothing but support for you and I am sure that you know what you're getting into.

365 days... said...

I support your decision 100%. My aunt had this surgery a few years ago. And I know that the support and love that you get from your husband and family will make it so much easier!

Cmay said...

...You did it!