Catheters, IV's and Drains, OH MY!

Um, so I'm no longer concerned about the protein shakes or the gas. In fact, I'm looking forward to those 2 things now.

I had my pre-op with my doctor today. First I met with the NP who asked if I had any questions. I did, in fact- 11 to be exact. After answering my questions she went on to talk to me about surgery... and I'm not sure how we got on the subject, but I quickly learned that I would be facing my worst fears for the 3 days I am in the hospital.

Fear #1- Catheters. I'm not too concerned about this one because it comes out the morning after my surgery, thank God. Hopefully I'll be so drugged and tired that I won't care about it that first night.

Fear #2- IV's. Anyone who knows me at all knows I have a huge phobia of needles and IV's. When I was in labor I was not worried about contractions, I was worried about the IV and epidural. I have serious issues with IV's. I have been known to throw up and nearly pass out when I have an IV put in. The worst part? It stays in until I'm discharged. Oh.My.God. I'm in a panic already. Seriously.

Fear #3- Drains. Now, the drain seems minimal after talking about the IV... but it's still on my shit list. It's a little drain that comes from my stomach, and thankfully gets removed the day I go home from the hospital.

Now, I do realize that all these things are for my health and safety. Duh. When I told the NP how upset I was, she looked at me like I was crazy. She gets the weirdest complaints and concerns, and she told me that this was new. WTF? Are you telling me that I'm the only weirdo that hates catheters, IV's and drains? Well, if I am, good for all of you braver than me. I'll take a nasty, grainy protein shake made for muscle builders any day over catheters, IV's and drains.

After my brief panic attack with the NP, Dr. Machado came in... she was a little more kind when I told her about my fears. It's not like the NP wasn't nice, she was just confused, I think. Anyways, Dr. Machado was super sweet, and reminded me that I could handle 3 days with an IV, 2 days with a drain and 1 day with a catheter.

Maybe she's right. Either way, I think I should bring this up to my therapist next week.

oh, by the way- less than 2 weeks to go!!!


Cate said...

I had a catheter with Angus and it really wasn't bad at all. They spray your urethra with anesthetic spray so you don't feel it go in. You will actually be very very glad you have it in because they will pump you so full of IV fluids that you would be going to the toilet every 30 minutes if you didn't have it. And standing up and walking after abdominal surgery is torture. So anything that can maximize your ability to sleep in bed without walking or standing is a good thing! As for the other stuff, hopefully the pain meds are good enough that you forget about them.

Melanie said...

I don't think you will notice the catheder...I think you'll have some good drugs on board for that. The IV will probably be another story since it stays in all 3 days. I will say a prayer for you that you will be able to handle it okay and the time will pass quickly. I don't think it's silly at all. Jamie is the same way about needles. Everyone has their "things" that they get nervous about. That just happens to be your "thing".