Oh yeah...

I'm also semi-convinced that I might be addicted to my pain meds... the only way I get a good nights sleep is if I take half a dose of my pain med. Seriously- knocks me out and I sleep great. I started freaking out about it the other night so I lessened the dose- which was fine. And the next night I tried not to take it- and I could not sleep. I get anxious thinking about going to sleep without this drug.

I seriously have a phobia of becoming addicted to drugs... I've always been this way, so my fear is nothing new. But I just wanted to share.


Cate said...

I have the same phobia. Weird.
I have heard that sniffing glue and huffing paint can help an addiction to pills. It helped me, at least.

Cate said...

Oh, and as far as phobias go it is better to be afraid of being addicted to drugs than be afraid of something really wacky...like birds, or paper, or flying :)