"You feel better mommy?"

Deacon asked me this morning, tearfully, "You feel better mommy?" I said, "no honey, mommy still has some boo-boo's." He started crying really hard and saying, "I'm scared mommy." Oh my God my heart still hurts.

Him being in my room and moving all around the bed and kicking me was making me so sick- and despite my huge heartache from him telling me that he's scared, I asked if Damien could bribe him into going downstairs. Thankfully Deacon wasn't upset enough that Mickey couldn't make things all better.

Next time he asks me if I feel better I will say "yes" no matter what... I am not above lying to my child.


Melanie said...

What a sweet little guy you have! Poor baby. Elise didn't seem that concerned about me after my lap! LOL She was pretty fascinated with my bo-bo's, and she tried to be gentle around my tummy. But otherwise, she carried on as normal. Ha ha.

Angie said...

Poor Deacon!!!